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History of Rochester Café

Somewhere in Time

Somewhere around the mid 1800’s, the building which the Café & Country Store now occupy was constructed. During those days, vehicles traveling down a dirt road, which we now know as Route 100, would come to pass what was known as the Trask Block, owned and operated by J.H.Trask.

It was not until after the Great Depression that the roots were established for the beginning of a quality gathering place for the people and visitors of Rochester, Vermont. Around 1930,Veron Lyon, a local pharmacist, opened Lyon’s Pharmacy, currently the space occupied by the Country Store.

Around 1940, Veron, for about three thousand dollars, purchased a top of the line soda fountain from the Liquid Carbonic Company. As the years came to pass, Lyon’s Pharmacy became known to many as Lyon’s Drugstore. One individual in particular was Robert Frost, who on a hot summer day would frequent the soda fountain to cool off. Soon the soda fountain became the gathering place for locals and passers by.

During the 1970’s, Esther Hunt owned and operated Hunt’s Variety Store, continuing the great soda fountain tradition.

It was not until 1985 that the first Café occupied this space. Thru the years and two major moves, the soda fountain came to rest in its current location in 1991.

Today, the Rochester Café & Country Store is committed to continuing this great part of nostalgia. By visiting us here at the Café, the old fashioned soda fountain and the Country Store you will continue this great legacy of “Somewhere In Time”. Thank you for visiting with us.

—  The Domas Family

The Trask Block 

The Trask Block

The Trask Block (photo courtesy of Rochester Historical Society)

John Hemenway Trask (1833-1921) started his career in merchandising with Artemas Cushman at this site in 1857. In 1868 the two men became business partners. In 1887 J. H. Trask purchased the business: thus The Trask Block.

Trask’s Store was noted for the wide variety of stock, from yard goods to clothing, from hardware to groceries and much more.

Other enterprises in the building through the years include a room for carding wool, a drug store, ice cream parlor, granary, bank, Town Library, dentist office, beauty parlor, pool room, barber shop, funeral parlor, apartments, video shop and The Cafe.

J. H. Trask was the grandson of Drs. Retire and Mary (Hemenway) Trask, first physicians settling in Rochester in 1790.